Night 8: that menorah was lit

Last night of Hanukkah on New Years Eve outside of Tel Aviv… Shana Tova everyone!

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The Sabbath is a day of rest, and so I slept comfortably in. Grabbed some hotel breakfast and walked on the beach of the Mediterranean Sea. I finally have stable internet so I got the chance to write up my blog posts from past few days while overlooking the city of Ashkelon and sea. Such a nice site. Real vacation atmosphere.

Mediterranean sunset

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Our group did not have to actually do anything but meet up for lunch at 1pm. Such a nice day of R&R. At 2pm our group met up for Bar and Bat Mitzvah ceremonies for several of our members. There were brief readings from the torah from everyone and we raised them up in the chair to wish them Mozel Tov.

Evan’s Bar Mitzvah

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The final night of Hanukkah, end of Sabbath, Mitzvahs, and New Years Eve all on the same day meant time to party!

New Years

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In the evening, we left the hotel and walked to the closest city area which had a bar and some restaurants. I had some drinks and hit the dance floor. No one was dancing except for me, and I received several dirty looks from the locals. After about 10 minutes of dancing by myself I was able to get the dance floor totally packed with others from my trip, and other groups, and eventually the locals were shaking it on the floor too. On the way home we were calling it “Club Jay”, because that packed party was totally my creation.

When The clock struck midnight the bartenders lit sparklers and everyone went full rave. It was a blast. #TagLIT

Tomorrow : Tel Aviv and Jerusalem!